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It is raining today in Anchorage, the first time that it has rained in almost a month. We need the rain, but it makes me miss the Midwest, where I grew up.

Since Anchorage is technically on the Pacific Ocean, the rain that we do get is very 'maritime'--it's light, but it continues forever.

It's not the summer rain of the Ozarks. Summer rain in Missouri means thunderstorms and lightning; even hail and tornadoes.

One of my earliest memories of growing up was one of those severe storms--the sky was green, and the lights went out in our house, so my sister and I decided to sit outside underneath our carport and watch the lightning and watch the hail come down--hail the size of ping pong balls--while the sky started turning greener and greener and the emergency broadcast system warned of a tornado coming close to our town. And all the time I can remember being safe and secure.

It's odd what can trigger memories.
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