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LiveJournal for Where the Hell Am I? And How Do I Get to Detroit?.

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Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Subject:Portland hostels
Posted by:genuinelyhopefu.
Time:1:21 pm.
I'll be in Portland from Jan. 5th-12th for an externship. The externship will most likely be in a building downtown and I'll need to stay somewhere where I can access easy public transportation. I've heard that there's a hostel in the Northwest section of the city that is pretty nice and safe. Is anyone from the area that can give me any feedback? I would like to avoid getting a hotel if all possible since I am a poor grad student, but I want to stay somewhere safe since I'm a mid-20s girl staying by myself. Has anyone had any experience renting a house for a week? I know Portland is a pretty progressive city and craigslist usually has a lot of temporary housing available. I am a little nervous to try but the money saved could definitely be worth it.

I would also appreciate any idea of things to do while I'm there. I know winter is pretty bleak there but I'm sure there's still some fun coffee shops/bars to check out.

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Thursday, March 1st, 2007

Posted by:lisatsu.
Time:3:30 pm.
Again, sorry for the x-posting, but one more (ok 2 more) quick Japan questions. Again, we're going to be in Tokyo for a few days, staying in Yokohama.

-We are thinking of doing a city tour or some day trips. Has to be in English as neither of us knows any Japanese. Any recommendations on specific travel companies/tour operators? What was your experience? Pros/cons-things you wanted to see but didn't, or places you went but didn't want to?

-Also if you have any suggestions on guidebooks-pros and cons-greatly appreciated!

Thanks again!!!
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Monday, February 26th, 2007

Posted by:lisatsu.
Time:12:38 pm.
Hello, all. Apologies in advance as this is x-posted to several communities. My boyfriend and I will be spending a few days in Tokyo, Japan. Flight and hotel are done. We've never been and really know nothing about the area. We're going to get a guidebook and do some web research, but if anyone has any suggestions, tips or places to check out in or near Tokyo I would greatly appreciate it!!
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Monday, July 17th, 2006

Posted by:genuinelyhopefu.
Time:10:49 pm.
Hey everyone! I will be making a road trip from LA to San Francisco in September and I'm going to need a lot of help with attractions and things to do in only a couple of days. We will have a car and a very flexible schedule. Hotel suggestions would be nice too.

I'm from SC and I've heard of all of the touristy things but suggestions for any additional cool places (look out points, great coffee shops, etc) would be greatly welcomed.  Thanks!
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Sunday, July 10th, 2005

Subject:aussie paradise
Posted by:flamepony.
Time:11:21 am.
Mood: nostalgic.
Of all the places I have ever been ... Pacific Palms is by far the most awesome. I first found the Palms when I was 18 when I lived there for a while ... and the place still just keeps drawing me back, even though its a 4 hour plane trip followed by a 3 hour drive from where I now live....its well worth it though, every single time i go there to get away from it all ... and having to leave breaks my heart every time. I would live there again if I could - if it was practical. I have seen a lot of awesome places in the world, but the Palms has always had a very special vibe and i just always feel so content when I'm there. Theres nothing quite like watching the most amazing electrical storms over the headlands in winter, strolling along Boomerang and Blueys beaches at dusk and surfing with the dolphins in the summer. Its become a bit 'touristy' now, but if you can avoid the holiday rush of families, surfers etc you can just chill ... and forget about the whole world!

This site has some cool aerial pics of the Palms: http://www.airviewonline.com.au/stock-photographs/Default.asp?Pr=282

And a cool surf link here:

Peace out.
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Saturday, July 9th, 2005

Posted by:_dance__dance__.
Time:4:00 pm.
Hey guys...my friend started a new band and I'm just helping him get the word out and about. If you have a minute and are into piano/guitar/mellow music...or if you know anyone who would be interested...let them know and have a listen.

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Tuesday, July 5th, 2005

Subject:x-posted in quite a few places (sorry guys). i joined a shitload of travel communities today
Posted by:thisisnotmylj.
Time:12:54 am.
Mood: excited.
Hi. My name is Malli. I'm 21 and i just recently moved from Orlando, FL to Tel-Aviv, Israel as per the request (or demand) of my parents. I joined this community because i love to travel and i'm currently planning a trip. Me and a friend of mine want to take a year or so and go backpacking through Europe. I was hoping to hear advice from people who have taken similar trips. It would also be really great to meet some friends in different parts of Europe who might want to show us around or offer a place to crash for a few nights. It's always good to have friends. As this adventure is only in the beginning stages of planning, i'm open to any advice, tips, suggestions, comments, or whatever that anyone might want to throw at me. What places do you recommend we visit? We are on a very strict budget (we're pretty much broke) so the cheapest ways to get around and the cheapest places to stay would be good to know. Basically any help anyone wants to give out would be just fantastic. Anyone else who will be travelling through Europe in the coming months and would like to maybe get together, that would be cool too. I love meeting new people. Anyway, i just thought i would introduce myself here. I will post more about my plans as soon as i know them. Hope to hear from some of you guys. Take care all.

- m.e. -
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Friday, May 20th, 2005

Posted by:dystopiate.
Time:8:35 pm.
my boyfriend and i are looking to go from chicago to raleigh, NC, and we need to leave ASAP, because i've got $60 in my pocket right now, which is going towards gas. But money burns a hole in my pocket. And my friend was gonna sell me acid tomorrow. But i'm thinking i shouldn't buy anything with this money, because i'll need it for gas. So anyway, this might be enough gas to get us there. We are nomads, squatters, dumpster divers, criminals, counter culture, drug users, hippies, gutter punks, homeless, backpackers, tour kids, whatever you want to calls us. We're very resourceful. We're highly moral, loyal, generous, kind, as long as someone doesn't fuck us over.

We're looking for anyone that wants to come with as far as we're going. Willing to pick up hitchhikers, but any contributions- cigarettes, cash, gas, drugs, tools that would be of use on the road, anyway - would be appreciated. We can't promise a place to stay for very long once we get there, but we'll do what we can. I just want to help people that are our own kind.

We're also accepting any donations if you just want to give us a little gas money to get there. Gas gift certificates, whatever.

Also, i can't get a hold of my boyfriend, and the plan is to leave tomorrow morning, but i might not hear from him before then, so i need help staying alive on the streets of chicago until i do find him, so i'm accepting donations for that. I don't steal from humans, i don't like, i respect rules of a person's home or car or whatever, meaning i won't do anything that could cause problems to interfere with your life while i'm in your life.

Thanks, you're welcome, and good luck, and have a good life to all.

"what a long strange trip it's been...." ~g

x-posted wherever it might do any good
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Sunday, April 17th, 2005

Subject:hey hey hey
Posted by:elevinn.
Time:11:50 pm.
Hi there,

This looks like a good place, if a little quiet recently. I just joined up, and thought I'd say hello.

I also run wearerovers, a travelogue community that I put together for some friends and I to use as a forum for a collaborative writing project.

I look forward to sharing stories with you all.

Oh. And I'm on the central east coast of the US right now, but I've been all over the place.
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Saturday, February 19th, 2005

Posted by:ohholyfools.
Time:2:30 pm.

you know, having lived in albuquerque for all of 7 months now, i'm allready starting to take the nice weather for granted, or maybe its more that i feel i deserve some sunshine.  either way, it rained like crazy yesterday, and i was pouting a bit, until i talked to a friend from back in the snowbelt of pennsylvania and heard about how 6 inches had fallen allready that morning, and i remembered why i moved to the southwest.

and then i remembered how beautiful new mexico is.


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Wednesday, January 26th, 2005

Posted by:hyperbole.
Time:7:01 pm.
Mood: curious.
I hate when people ask me "If there was one place in the world you could go, where would it be?". There's no possible way I could choose. I guess it would be easier to answer if, you know, I've already been a lot of places, but I find that I spend most of my time thinking about all the places I'd like to go. Someday I'd like to just pack up a few things and buy a one way ticket to Hawaii or Australia, just to try making it in a strange new place. Anyway, what are some places that you guys have always wanted to visit?
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Wednesday, November 10th, 2004

Subject:Ice day
Posted by:geolinguist.
Time:8:18 am.
Driving into work was a pain today. It has warmed up to above freezing here in Anchorage, and we have been getting freezing rain instead of snow, making the roads completely slippery, and it reminded me of the story of the worst driving experience of my life. The first time I drove in winter weather here in Alaska.

As you may remember, I grew up in Southeastern Missouri, a part of the country where ice and snow rarely reaches. When there was the tiniest hint of either, the entire city prepared for the worst, and you did not go anywhere. So when I moved up to Anchorage, I knew that driving was going to be an adventure.

I didn't know how big of an adventure it was going to be.

When this happened, I was living in the part of Anchorage known as Bear Valley. Bear Valley is in the very southern part of the city, nestled high up in the Chugach Mountains. At the time I lived in a cabin 2 miles from a paved road. It took me 45 minutes to get into work, so I would leave at 7 AM to be at my office by 8.

So, as you can imagine, I decided to do a sensible thing on the first snow day. Knowing I was going to have a difficult time, I left my cabin at 6 AM, thinking I would miss the traffic and still be able to drive sensibly. I thought it was a good plan.

Here's a breakdown of what happened:

6:00 AM: Clean off car, note that there is about 4 inches of snow on the car.
6:10 AM: Leave the cabin. Wind starts blowing snow.
6:30 AM: Halfway to paved road. Snow is much deeper, blowing snow obscures road. Driving 5 MPH To avoid swerving off road and down a cliff.
6:30 AM Begin praying.
7:00 AM: Make it to paved road. Traffic on road was at a standstill.
7:10 AM: Spin out. Control spin, then pull onto a side street.
7:11 AM: Hyperventilate.
7:15 AM: Compose myself, pull back into traffic.
7:20 AM: Spin out again. Control spin. Pull off onto a side street.
7:21 AM Hyperventilate
7:25 AM: Regain composure and pull out again.
7:35 AM: Spin out for the third time. Control spin. Cannot pull out of traffic. Begin to start twitching involuntarily.
7:37 AM: Begin bargaining with God.
7:40 AM: Make it to the highway.
7:41 AM: Person behind me spins out, almost hits my car. Begin crying.
7:55 AM: Make it to turnoff for work.
8:10 AM: Finally make it to office parking lot.
8:15 AM: Get out of car and walk into my office.

After all this happens, I walk into the office, a complete nervous wreck. I tell what happened--my hands were still twitching and my eyes were red and bloodshot.

I immediately get a hug from my supervisor, then get sent to the break room for tea.

As soon as I step out of the office, the laughter begins.

It has been three years since this happened, and I still cannot live this down.
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Saturday, October 9th, 2004

Posted by:penguinaurora.
Time:11:57 am.
Mood: excited.

Hi! I'm not entirely new to this community, but I haven't posted yet, so, here goes!

My name is Beth and I'm a 22-year-old Super Senior at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI. I travel at every opportunity. My most recent adventure was a trip to Maryland to visit a friend over the summer. Of the 50 states, I've been to Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Geogria, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Neveda, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. I've spent one full day in Washington, D.C (thanks to my trip to Maryland). Contiguous to the US, I've been to Tijuana, Mexico and Saranac and Toronto, Ontario. Outside of North America, I've been all over Germany, Holland, Denmark, and Belgium.

I look forward to sharing the travel experiences of others. I love to hear tales of trips and adventures of the road. Here's a question to start off...do you prefer to travel by car (like I do) or by other means (train, airplane, boat)? There is nothing quite like a car trip with a few friends or family, especially if you can take it slow and stop at interesting locales. Personally, I like anything historical.
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Thursday, September 16th, 2004

Subject:Let's play a game....
Posted by:mmmmjournal.
Time:12:49 am.
I post a picture, you guess what the location is.Collapse )
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Tuesday, August 31st, 2004

Subject:tropical storm.
Posted by:firith.
Time:3:04 am.
i was driving tonight on the interstate. my car was being blown from side to side as cars beyond me slid into tufts of rain pockets left on the road, and the leftovers spewed onto my windshield.

lucero was playing and its sleepy country rock made me feel like i should be driving in tennessee or alabama during the day, with my windows down. i struggled to keep my car in the lane.

we came to our destination and got out of the car as he lit up a cigarette. i caught him with my eyes as he blew the smoke out from his lungs, a trail of it going sideways against his face and disappearing into the soft but cold rain that was falling. i looked up and saw nothing but clouds rolling over above us. they looked close enough to touch if i were one hundred feet up.

we walked briskly and he threw the rest of the cigarette onto the ground by the trashcan as we entered the building. a guy that was standing outside came in after me and i tried to hold the door for him as he tried to hold the door for me, and we had an awkward but reassuring moment. then we went inside.

when we left the storm was worse and as i checked online at home i learned the storm wrecked richmond, where it flooded much of the downtown area.

i miss richmond.
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Friday, August 20th, 2004

Posted by:geolinguist.
Time:8:19 am.
It is raining today in Anchorage, the first time that it has rained in almost a month. We need the rain, but it makes me miss the Midwest, where I grew up.

Since Anchorage is technically on the Pacific Ocean, the rain that we do get is very 'maritime'--it's light, but it continues forever.

It's not the summer rain of the Ozarks. Summer rain in Missouri means thunderstorms and lightning; even hail and tornadoes.

One of my earliest memories of growing up was one of those severe storms--the sky was green, and the lights went out in our house, so my sister and I decided to sit outside underneath our carport and watch the lightning and watch the hail come down--hail the size of ping pong balls--while the sky started turning greener and greener and the emergency broadcast system warned of a tornado coming close to our town. And all the time I can remember being safe and secure.

It's odd what can trigger memories.
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Saturday, July 17th, 2004

Posted by:bloodshotvision.
Time:4:45 pm.

This community is all about the Detroit Rock Scene.
If you like rock music, are in a band, go to shows, or just
like Detroit, this community is for you.

Anyone can:


Hang out

Meet People

Share concert info and band news

Rant and Rave

Post show reviews

Meet other musicians

Post links to interesting sites



Post show information

Get your music heard

Share tips/advise

Find musicians
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Friday, July 16th, 2004

Subject:it's a long, long way from here..
Posted by:bawdyblackdress.
Time:12:12 pm.

For beginners, I am from North Carolina. Not too bad of a state, but my region is quite boring. I've only been to South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida (note the pattern - down. Ha). My family hates traveling, but I love it and am dying to see the rest of America and possibly get out for a while.

Right now, I'd like to go to Washington, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Colorado. Who has been to any of those places? Did you enjoy your stay?

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Monday, July 5th, 2004

Posted by:pretending2know.
Time:4:55 pm.
hi i just joined...im from michigan but im never in the same place..so i will probably write in here quit often..i just got home on saturday from florida...cocoa beach, its really warm 96 feeling like 101 to be exact but the people were really nice, not all sterotypical and judgmental like here, the waves weren't big enough to surf, but they were good for teach my sister to boogie board. Seeing how i am new i don't want to write to much my first time, so ill catch you down the road i leave tomorrow for chicago so ill fill you in on that later..
ex oh
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Thursday, March 11th, 2004

Subject:New in town
Posted by:lucibelle13.
Time:6:09 pm.
Well, Where the hell am I and Hey,I am from Detroit!!
So, if anyone heads up on the goings on of VA please dorp me a line.
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