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x-posted in quite a few places (sorry guys). i joined a shitload of travel communities today

Hi. My name is Malli. I'm 21 and i just recently moved from Orlando, FL to Tel-Aviv, Israel as per the request (or demand) of my parents. I joined this community because i love to travel and i'm currently planning a trip. Me and a friend of mine want to take a year or so and go backpacking through Europe. I was hoping to hear advice from people who have taken similar trips. It would also be really great to meet some friends in different parts of Europe who might want to show us around or offer a place to crash for a few nights. It's always good to have friends. As this adventure is only in the beginning stages of planning, i'm open to any advice, tips, suggestions, comments, or whatever that anyone might want to throw at me. What places do you recommend we visit? We are on a very strict budget (we're pretty much broke) so the cheapest ways to get around and the cheapest places to stay would be good to know. Basically any help anyone wants to give out would be just fantastic. Anyone else who will be travelling through Europe in the coming months and would like to maybe get together, that would be cool too. I love meeting new people. Anyway, i just thought i would introduce myself here. I will post more about my plans as soon as i know them. Hope to hear from some of you guys. Take care all.

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