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aussie paradise

Of all the places I have ever been ... Pacific Palms is by far the most awesome. I first found the Palms when I was 18 when I lived there for a while ... and the place still just keeps drawing me back, even though its a 4 hour plane trip followed by a 3 hour drive from where I now live....its well worth it though, every single time i go there to get away from it all ... and having to leave breaks my heart every time. I would live there again if I could - if it was practical. I have seen a lot of awesome places in the world, but the Palms has always had a very special vibe and i just always feel so content when I'm there. Theres nothing quite like watching the most amazing electrical storms over the headlands in winter, strolling along Boomerang and Blueys beaches at dusk and surfing with the dolphins in the summer. Its become a bit 'touristy' now, but if you can avoid the holiday rush of families, surfers etc you can just chill ... and forget about the whole world!

This site has some cool aerial pics of the Palms: http://www.airviewonline.com.au/stock-photographs/Default.asp?Pr=282

And a cool surf link here:

Peace out.
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