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where_are_we's Journal

Where the Hell Am I? And How Do I Get to Detroit?
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This community is for writing about places -- places you've been, places you are, places you'd like to go. If you join, please let me know (at my e-mail address) any places you're interested in talking about if they're not already on the "Interests" list, so I can add them.

This community is not just for writing about travel. "Places" could mean cities or countries, but it could also mean buildings or rooms or that tiny spot in your childhood home's backyard that the sun always used to hit just right at 5:00 in the afternoon on June days.

This does not exclude any posts on travelling. I'm not gonna be one of those "This shouldn't be posted here" administrator jerks. (Although I've sadly been forced to exclude anonymous replies for reasons that aren't important.) Rather, I'm expanding what you can (if you choose) post here. Yes, you can write about travel, because 1.) it's a way to get to other places, so it will play a big role in this community, and 2.) "the road" is itself a place, so writing about travelling is writing about place.

So post away! But you're not expected to limit yourself to writing about places you drove, flew or moved to. You could write about the room you're sitting in right now. Post a story, a description, a wish, an observation. It's all good.

(Final note: While you're more than welcome to pour yourself a drink, pull up a chair and stick around, if reading posts not about travelling isn't what you were hoping for, there's at least one community that's just about travelling. travel_writing has some really good stuff on there, and it comes highly recommended, whether or not you decide where_are_we is a place you'd like to stay.)